Airbus C295

The C295 is the medium tactical transport plane designed by the former Spanish company CASA (Construcciones Aeronauticas S.A.) at the end of the 20th century, which was later integrated into the Airbus Group. The Airbus C295 is a new generation tactical airlifter in the light and medium segment, highly versatile in terms of the number of missions it can perform thanks to its different versions: tactical and logistic transport, launching of paratroopers and cargo, medical evacuation, airborne early warning, maritime patrol or firefighting, among others.

In recent years, this aircraft program has been modernized in its new version C295W equipped with winglets, which allows to carry more payload over larger distances and greater fuel savings. It has the longest indoor cabin in its class, with capacity to accommodate up to 71 seats and it can carry much more palletised cargo with direct off-loading through its rear ramp door.

It also highlights for its advanced integrated avionics system and for its capabilities of take-off and landing in short spaces or conditions of special difficulty, which allows operations on short, soft and rough runways (sand or grass).

The C295 made its first flight in 1997 and entered service in the Spanish Air Force in 2001. It has a total of 206 orders, of which a total of 166 have been delivered. Among its main clients are the Armed Forces from different countries, as well as other Security Bodies and Maritime Rescue entities.

As an aircraft designed by the former CASA, its program has a strong involvement of the Andalusian aeronautical industry, and there are many companies involved in its manufacturing and assembly, many of them from our Association, working both for the Airbus Defence factory in Tablada (Seville) as for the Final Assembly Line (FAL) in its San Pablo site, also in Seville, next to the A400M FAL. This program accounts for over 20% of the total turnover of the Andalusian aerospace sector (2016 data).

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