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Business Innovation Strategy (3JIT)


Business Innovation Strategy (3JIT)

C/Wilbur y Orville Wright 27. La Rinconada. Sevilla.



Main Activities / Services:

Business Development Strategy

  • Medium and log-term business growth
  • Combination of Strategic Vision and Operational Reality
  • Innovation in the processes of search and implementation of opportunities
  • Creation of the Chief Business Development Officer Development.
  • Startup business development & active investors strategy

Global Business Transformation

  • Business architecture
  • Operational transformation
  • Operational and strategic assessment

Engineering & Industrial Transformation. Industry 4.0

  • Efficiency
  • Industrial Strategy
  • Digital transformation

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Advisory and support

Other activities / Services:

Mentoring, coaching & People Development.

  • Mentoring  & Coaching
  • Career plans
  • Talent management


3JI&T has the purpose and the firm commitment of the generation of added value in a systematic way, contributing permanently to the achievement of the objectives of its clients and business partners, helping them to define their strategies of growth and optimization of their operational processes.

The combination of knowledge acquired through experience in senior management positions, talent and innovation in new technologies make 3JI&T contribute accurately to operational excellence, integration in the value chain, and innovation of operational and management processes maximizing the benefit of its customers.



  • Commercial aviation
  • Military aviation
  • Civil Aviation
  • Space
  • Military projects
  • Air Mobility
  • Railway sector
  • Industrial sector

Activities associated with:

Engineering and systems