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Grupo Sevilla Control

Calonge Industrial Estate Manganeso St., 2 – 41007 Seville



  • Material Logistics (Storage, Disk cutting, CNC machining, Distribution).
  • Sealant Logistics (Storage, Mixing & Cryogenisation, Distribution in isothermal containers).
  • Standard Logistics (Storage on rotating tray units and cantilever shelving, KANBAN distribution).
  • Paint, Rubber & Adhesive Logistics (Storage in controlled temperature and humidity conditions, Distribution).


A&G is a logistic platform which organises, optimises and distributes materials in the complex logistic production management system in the aeronautical sector. Purchasing and distribution centre performing material flow-related functions (metal raw material, sealants, paint, rubber and standardized items) from the generation of the purchasing requirement to delivery to the productive process.

With over 14,000 m2 of facilities, the company provides optimal material storage logistics, with cutting and distribution capacity sufficient to supply the entire sector. A&G is a company that is part of the Sevilla Control Group.

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