Ensia, new member of Andalucía Aerospace

We are pleased to announce the incorporation of a new member to the Andalusia Aerospace cluster: ENSIA EXPERT. The signing was celebrated with Carlos López Almenara, director of the ENSIA office in Seville.

Ensia Expert SL, is a company of the Airbus Group, founded in 2012 to respond to the existing needs in the field of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), in the aerospace sector. Ensia’s philosophy is to provide NDT services to the aerospace industry, ensuring customer satisfaction at any time and as a priority. In this sense, ENSIA is committed to the quality and safety of its services and products, ensuring the flexibility of its staff.

Among the services that ENSIA provides are:
– NDT inspections of aeronautical components in production and in service.
– Training and qualification of Non-Destructive Testing personnel.
– Design, manufacture and distribution of calibration blocks and NDT equipment.
– Evaluation of non-destructive testing equipment and facilities.
– Development of feasibility studies and inspection procedures.
– Consulting and advisory Level 3.

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