Titania and SolarMEMS obtain GALACTICA financing for the ADDtitude project

Andalusia Aerospace is pleased to announce that the companies Titania and SOLARMEMS, both belonging to our cluster, have obtained funding from the European project GALACTICA Project to develop new advanced manufacturing solutions with application in the space sector, within the framework of the ADDtitude project.

The GALACTICA initiative, made up of 10 European partners, including our friendly entity CTA (Andalusian Technological Corporation), encourages the creation of technological synergies as well as new market opportunities, exploring in this case the development of new capacities from the Aeronautic sector.

In the case of ADDtitude, the project seeks to optimize the production process of horizon sensors for satellites through its redesign and additive manufacturing using the DLMS technique, as well as its subsequent surface treatment.

You can see more information here

Congratulations to these two companies!

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