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Alas, the Andalucía Aerospace platform is a space created to help give visibility to the companies in our cluster and their capabilities.

Simetrycal is a spin-off of the University of Seville, in particular the Andalusian Metrology Center (CAM, by its acronym in Spanish) located at the ETSI, and with which we continue to be closely linked. Simetrycal was born in 2011 with the aim of offering a dynamic and efficient service in metrology and industrial calibration, transferring all the knowledge that had been cultivated in CAM for many years.

Simetrycal, together with CAM, have more than 25 years of experience in the aeronautical sector. It was the first national company to obtain specific certifications as a metrology and calibration laboratory from EADS-CASA in 2002 and later from AIRBUS. It is a company that emerged by and for the aeronautical sector, although it has subsequently diversified, since metrology is a very transversal activity to all sectors.

Today, there are many calibration laboratories, but they are knowledgeable about the sector, its specific regulations and the quality standards that working in it entails, not so many. It is necessary to know their needs very well, master the applicable regulations and their correct interpretation, orient the work towards preventive and non-corrective actions, to continuous actions in the plant that lead to a decrease in stock, prevention, short action times, and ultimately savings of long-term costs, all supported by a consistent information technology system, where the necessary information can be obtained in real time from any equipment or installation, available 365 days a year. All this is what Simetrycal contributes, and it is the main objective to cover with any of our clients.

I really think that no, the situation experienced by the COVID-19 pandemic and the prolongation in time, is making this sector have not yet managed to enter the recovery phase. Aid has not arrived or if it has arrived it has been scarce and late and that means that many companies continue today with a lack of liquidity and on the tightrope.

Measures are needed to reactivate the sector, so that the almost 15,000 jobs that exist in it can be maintained, and to value the capacities of so many Andalusian and Spanish SMEs, in order to increase the workload of our industry. The aerospace sector is a crucial sector in our country, and we must all work towards its rapid recovery, both public and private, find synergies and establish a joint future plan.

In this sense, the EU Nex Generation funds to promote the Andalusian recovery after the pandemic, it seems that they may be an opportunity, everything will be seen.

Our industries face great challenges that are impossible to overcome without a strong commitment from the Administration in investment in R + D + i. New technologies, industry 4.0, the use of sustainable fuels, and many others are pending challenges to be achieved, impossible to achieve without large investments in R + D + i.

Well, being able to continue offering our clients the same service that we had offered them until then.

It has been a very difficult situation for any company, and we were not going to get rid of it. On the one hand, you could not stop performing the usual services to clients who needed it, we could not leave them in the lurch, but on the other, we also had to take care of the staff, and we are no longer talking only about physical but also psychological health.

This situation has affected a lot in general, due to the fear of contagion of COVID-19, but also due to job uncertainty, (ERTE’s, economic situation of companies, etc.) and we have had to be strong to overcome it and be able to return to our full performance. Having implemented an advanced information technology system has helped us a lot, which has allowed us to continue working from the first moment, and this, together with the flexibility of the staff to take shifts, has allowed us to continue with our activity and that our clients were affected as little as possible.

I think we are still in a critical situation, in which there is still a lot of work to be done. You have to bet on knowledge, on specialization, on valuable work.

That if, beyond work and long-term investments, the new contracts seem to have been an injection of optimism in the sector. The Kazakhstan contract for two more aircraft of the A400M, on the one hand, and the Indian contract for 56 units of the C295 have been encouraging, because they are two products that are assembled at the Seville facilities, guaranteeing the work for the next few years.

Well it is clear that the final assembly of the A400M in Seville was an economic injection for many companies. It has brought investment, knowledge, job creation, and the growth of many companies, Simetrycal among them. Of course, there have also been times of great uncertainty, and there continue to be, but in general the balance has been good, wealth and jobs have been created, and this is beneficial for the entire Andalusian economy.

In this year and a half, we have been able to witness something unimaginable, something that we could not think would never happen, everything came to a standstill, projects, investments, delivery delays, companies with many liquidity difficulties, and I think that is when the Industry of Defense has shown its great value, in two ways.

On the one hand, due to the very anti-cyclical nature of this industry, which has helped to better resist the impact of the crisis, highlighting the importance of this strategic sector. On the other hand, the use of the A400M for the repatriation of people who had been confined in other countries, the supply of masks, as well as recently in Afghanistan for the repatriation of both civilian and military personnel, saving thousands of lives.

Defense is vital, because there are many things that are taken for granted, and we have seen that they are not. It is necessary that governments invest in a good defense industry, that they have protection for the country and all its citizens.

In Andalusia, the Defense industry continues to grow, not only the land industry with Airbus Militar and the new Logistics Base in Córdoba, but also the Defense industry of land transport, with the Drango tanks of GD-SBS, or the naval, to through Navantia in Cádiz. In Andalusia, investment is being made in this industry and many jobs will be created, quality jobs, which makes Andalusia the second largest community in Spain, after the Community of Madrid, in the Defense and Security Sector.

Mercedes González López
Directora de Simetrycal


Alas, the Andalucía Aerospace platform is a space created to help give visibility to the companies in our cluster and their capabilities. If you want to participate in this space, you can contact us through the email moc.e1656980476capso1656980476reaai1656980476culad1656980476na@no1656980476icaci1656980476numoc1656980476

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