The Association’s work plan is ready

The General Assembly of the Andalusia Aerospace Hélice Business Cluster is approved the incorporation of Juan Roman Gallego as managing director of the entity. The former Director and Head of Institutional Relations at Cobre Las Cruces copper mining complex, and the managing director of its Foundation, joins the Association with the aim of implementing the work plan to strengthen the positioning of its companies members in the national and international aeronautical market

The General Assembly has positively valued the associative experience of its new managing director, who has held executive and government responsibilities in entities such as the Businesses of Seville Confederation (Industry Commission), Fedeme (Executive Committee), Aminer (Vice-Presidency), AFA (Board of Trustees), Chamber of Commerce Foundation (Board of Trustees), CEA (Competitiveness Council), Andalusian Labour Relations Council (Permanent Commission) or the Sevilla is Industry Forum. Roman also counts on international experience because of his responsibilities assumed in large industrial companies, in which he led international missions to England, France, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Peru, South Africa and Turkey, among others.

The President of the Andalusia Aerospace Hélice Business Cluster, Antonio Gómez-Guillamón, has detailed the scope and type of activities that the new managing director will carry out in the coming months, developing the roadmap that companies of the Andalusian Aerospace Cluster have designed. Also, he feels very excited about the first steps that the Association is giving, and he is convinced of the “quality leap” that will mean for the cluster companies this new strong and autonomous association, which focuses basically on the companies, explained Gomez-Guillamón.

The work plan that the Association has designed includes activities such as meetings and partnership with professionals, associations or other organizations in the sector; the establishment, maintenance and promotion of contacts and collaborations with national and international entities of similar nature and purpose; the organization and celebration of conferences, meetings or congresses to improve collaboration on matters of interest to the sector; conducting sector studies to analyze trends and detect new opportunities; and the promotion of specialized working groups devoted to the study of issues of common interest to the associates, among other planned works.

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