Grabysur, new member of the HÉLICE Business Association

The Andalusian company, specialized in the manufacture of illuminated panels, night vision systems (NVIS) and other HMI products and solutions, joins the 28 companies that are already part of the Association.

Tier 1 supplier to the global aerospace and defense companies and with more than 30 years of experience in different sectors, Grabysur is today one of the leading firms in Southern Europe in this type of technology thanks to its commitment to R&D. One of its objectives is to keep on increasing its client base not only in other European countries, but also in the Latin American market, so being part of the Association will reinforce its projection abroad, its internationalization plans, new business areas and coming collaborative projects.

In words of Fernando Besa, President of Grabysur, “the Andalusian aerospace sector, one of the most important in Europe, will be strengthened through the HÉLICE Business Association thanks to the new synergies and alliances that will be generated, not only between the members themselves, but with other international entities. That is why Grabysur has decided to join this associative experience that will undoubtedly contribute in a very active way to improve the competitiveness of companies in the sector”.

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