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Trigo Global Q


TRIGO Global Q

Luis Fuentes Bejarano st., 60, 2º Right – 41020 Seville – Spain



TRIGO Global Q offers Quality services all along the aerospace supply chain.

Quality Management:

  • Practical Problem Solving Projects and Quality Costs reductions
  • Domestic and International Customer Focal Point
  • Product Configuration Management
  • Technical Documentation Management (FAIs, Delivery documentation, Quality Technical Instructions, Processes revisions and updates…)
  • Lean Projects
  • Quality Trainings

Quality Engineering:

  • Non Conformities and Corrective/Preventive Actions Management
  • Monitoring / Follow up / Audits of Product and Suppliers both domestic and international
  • Domestic and International Customer Focal Point
  • Internal / External Audits of quality systems and processes
  • Special Processes Consulting for PRI NADCAP Certification
  • Quality Certifications Consulting

Quality Control:

  • Verification of product, assemblies and aircrafts of different technologies
  • Control and Process verification and production means and tooling
  • Tooling management (measurement, analysis, maintenance)


Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Seville, Global Q is a leading provider of quality management and Quality control services for the aerospace sector in Spain. With a team of more than 80 inspectors and engineers, Global Q delivers solutions for the main aerospace manufacturing hubs on the Iberian Peninsula.

In 2015, Global Q was acquired by TRIGO Group, global leader in delivering quality solutions to the transportation industries (e.g.: aerospace, automotive, railway, and heavy transportation, etc.).

Founded in 1997, TRIGO is a multinational company providing operational Quality Management solutions for the manufacturing sector, especially in the transportation industries. With a team of more than 7000 professionals present in 20+ countries across 4 continents, TRIGO offers a comprehensive portfolio of Quality Inspection, Engineering, and Management Services all along the supply chain.


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 9100
  • ISO 14001

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