Dassault Falcon 7X

The Falcon 7X is a business aircraft manufactured by the French aerospace company Dassault Aviation. It is a powerful transport aircraft, trimotor, and with great fuel capacity under the central fuselage and on the wings to increase its range of flight and its safety. It can be configured for different uses: transport of VIP executives, employees of companies or public or private institutions and as a long-range aircraft.

It is the largest business transport aircraft in its category, being the first Dassault plane featuring three turbofan engines. In addition, it has become the first business jet to use fighter jet technology, thanks to the incorporation of its fly-by-wire flight system and other modern equipment that increase the safety of the aircraft for long-haul flights of all types of weather and flight.

The Falcon 7X is notable for its extensive use of computer-aided design, the manufacturer claiming it to be the “first aircraft to be designed entirely on a virtual platform”, using Dassault Systemes’ CATIA and PLM products.

The Falcon 7X has a maximum capacity of 8 passengers and three crew). Its dimensions reach a length of more than 23 meters, a height of 7.8 meters and a wingspan of 26 meters. It has a range of 5,900 nautical miles.

Its first flight took place in 2005 and since then its portfolio of clients and orders has been increasing. The program has more than 270 aircraft in service in 41 countries, and the fleet has performed some 550,000 flight hours, which makes it a benchmark in the sector.

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