CT Engineering participates in the ANDRÓMEDA project of additive manufacturing

CT Engineering is participating in the R&D project ANDRÓMEDA which focusses on the development and validation of a flexible and holistic solution for additive manufacturing by using large sized components.

This project is aimed at providing a solution to achieve greater productivity and improve the quality of the product. The national consortium in the project, made up of CT Engineering and GNC Laser, as well as AIMEN as a collaborator, estimate that production costs could be reduced by as much as 30% because the entire process is interconnected during the complete cycle of the product. The project will address the end-to-end digital engineering by developing a digital thread which will link design, simulation and modelling, planning and manufacturing, control of process parameters and quality diagnosis. The project will also deal with flexible automatization to quickly adapt to varying combinations of geometries and products (thickness, base materials etc.). Finally, it will impact on the closed loop control in order to be capable of reacting in real time to variations in the process with aim to adopt a strategy for zero defect manufacturing.

This national initiative is encompassed in the international project of the same name, ANDROMEDA, which intends to create a European system of factories whose aim is produce, industrialize and qualify components with a size greater than one metre by using additive manufacturing. The aeronautical or the energy sectors, as well as die-stamping, could implement these solutions.

This is a three-year project which is funded on a national level by the CDTI INNOGLOBAL 2017 program, and co-financed by European Union Structural Funds as well as the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness. The international project has been approved by the proposal EUREKA Cluster Metallurgy Europe 2015.

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