Aernnova keeps on betting on R&D with the participation in three new projects

The company Aernnova continues its strong commitment to innovation and technological development with the participation in three new projects: Graphene Flagship, Combondt and Macizado.

During the first half of 2018, Core 1 of the Graphene Project has been closed, within the framework of the GRAPHENE FLAGSHIP programme, belonging to the European Horizon 2020 initiative. The project counted on the participation of Airbus, Aernnova and the Antolín Group, coordinated by the University of Chalmers (Sweden), and it consisted mainly of introducing graphene particles into standard aerostructure parts.

The results of these tests have improved the knowledge of the behaviour of the composite material enriched with graphene, and its interesting characteristics. Aernnova maintains the support of the rest of the partners for the second phase of this project, which will focus on studying different geometries and a more complete testing campaign for the analysis of this material.

On the other hand, the aerospace company successfully closed the ComBoNDT project in 2018, also framed within the H2020 innovation plan in which Aernnova has participated as an industrial partner of a consortium of 13 entities, coming from different European Union countries. The scope of the project is been the exhaustive study and later development of new non-destructive inspection techniques for composite materials. Aernnova has focused its participation in the production framework, where it has adopted the role of end-user. In this sense, the Aernnova technological development staff has established the requirements of each of the inspections and also the reparation framework.

The goal of Aernnova has been to advance in the research of basic technologies that can inspect adhesive bondings, in a more efficient way, so these inspections could validate the quality of the bonding and ease the integration of composite material parts, avoiding drilling and riveting, and therefore to grow competitiveness saving weight and costs. This project shows the involvement of Aernnova in industrial research and experimental development projects in the European context, fostering cooperation between companies and research organizations and promoting the development of new technological capabilities.

Lastly, the firm collaborates in the MACIZADO project, which aims to generate a specific tool for the production process in composite materials of solid parts with high added value for the aerospace industry. The project is supported by a consortium made up of 3 Galician companies, Utingal, the leading company of the project, Base 2 BASE 2 Engineering and developments, and COASA (a company of the Aernnova Group).

The aim of this project is the characterization, design, development and application of tools and tools for the improvement of all technological processes linked to the macizado. The project also has the support of the AIMEN Technology Center and the Multisectorial Research Technology Center (CETIM). The project is funded by the Galician Innovation Agency, and has ERDF co-financing under the Galicia 2014-2020 operational program.

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