Andalucía Aerospace receives the Fernando III award for the innovative entity of CEU

The President of Andalucía Aerospace, Antonio Gómez-Guillamón collected last Monday, November 22, the Fernando III award for the innovative entity, awarded by the San Pablo Andalucía CEU Foundation. Innovation is in our aerospace DNA and for this reason we are very proud and grateful to receive this recognition.

Press release. The San Pablo Andalucía CEU Foundation has delivered its CEU Fernando III Awards in the Real Alcázar of Seville, thus resuming the presence in this traditional act that, due to the pandemic, could not be held in previous years.

The event was led by the president of the Parliament of Andalusia, Marta Bosquet; the president of the plenary session and deputy mayor of the Seville City Council, Sonia Gaya; the president of CEU, Alfonso Bullón de Mendoza y Valugera; the CEO of CEU Andalucía, Juan Carlos Hernández; and the vice president of CEU Andalucía, Juan Jurado.

In their speeches, they highlighted the “excellent” professional career of the winners, “their perseverance, sacrifice and effort, as well as their human qualities and social commitment to the common good”.

Through these recognitions, the San Pablo Andalucía CEU Foundation values ​​the human and professional trajectory of people and institutions in the areas of education, sports, legal sciences, research, business and innovation, as well as their social commitment.

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