Meeting of the Space and Innovation Commission: progress on the Andalusian satellite proposal

The meeting was attended by José Miguel Moreno, CEO of Solar Mems, recently appointed coordinator of the commission. We enjoyed an interesting talk about the Spanish Space Agency and the situation of the Space sector, given by Rafael Harillo, Lawyer and Consultant in aerospace matters, from the Mas y Calvet Law Firm in Madrid.

We update the partners on the progress of the Andalusian satellite proposal and future steps. Likewise, the colleagues from GECI Industry, recently incorporated into the Cluster, had the opportunity to present their capabilities as a company. Finally, we present the R&D services for Cluster partners that have been launched in collaboration with FADA-CATEC and CTA and we talk about the future calls of the AEI scheduled for September 2021. More than 18 companies attended the meeting!

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