The Andalusia Aerospace Cluster celebrates its General Assembly of Members

  • Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Chacón, CEO of Titania, received the recognition of the 2020 aerospace manager from the Cluster
  • The 73 companies that make up the Andalucía Aerospace cluster met at the headquarters of the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Andalusia (CEA), to approve the action plan and the 2021 budgets
  • The unity of the companies in the sector, the diversification of clients and products, as well as innovation and internationalization to be more competitive, were the key messages transmitted
The Andalusia Aerospace cluster celebrates its fourth year of activity in the Andalusian aerospace sector. Meeting at the General Assembly of partners at the facilities of the Andalusian Business Confederation (CEA), the 73 companies that make up the cluster discussed the current situation of the sector and the challenges it faces. The unity of the companies in the sector, diversification in clients and products and innovation and internationalization to be more competitive have been the key messages transmitted. Within the framework of the Assembly, the creation of a second vice-presidency on the Board of Directors was approved, which will be held by Luis Pizarro, General Director of the Cadiz company Mecanizados y Montajes. The appointment of a new member of the Board of Directors as a member was ratified, who will fall to Fernando Serrano, Titania's director of business development. The Managing Director of the Cluster, Juan Román, presented the management report showing a balance of what was done in 2020 - 2021. The report highlights the consolidation of partners with 18 new additions between partners and collaborators. On the other hand, he highlighted the intense activity of the cluster in the institutional sphere, the signing of the agreement to promote internationalization with Extenda, as well as the incorporation of the cluster in the register of Innovative Business Groups (AEI). He also emphasized the importance of the collaboration agreements signed with key entities for the positioning of the cluster such as: Ellas Vuelan Alto (EVA), the Association for the Progress of Management (APD), the Andalusian Technological Corporation (CTA) and the Naval Maritime Cluster of Cádiz. Finally, he highlighted the involvement of the cluster in large-scale projects such as the Aerospace Strategic Plan 2020-2027, as well as the preparation of the annual report of the sector. On the other hand, the activity carried out in the Commission for Specialist Companies, Space and Innovation and Human Resources was reviewed. Finally, an assessment was made of the multiple events carried out throughout the year between technical conferences, webinars and information sessions, with a highly positive assessment by the participants of each event. Regarding the 2021 plans, post-covid, three main objectives were defined:
  • Position the association internationally to show more strength in the region.
  • Generate more value to the partner by identifying business opportunities, new projects and supporting pillars such as innovation and development.
  • Strengthen the image of unity by promoting rapprochement between all companies.
After the General Assembly, a ceremony was held in which the presentation of the new corporate video of the cluster and the new corporate website of Andalucía Aerospace was carried out. The new “Andalucía Aerospace Exclusive” catalog was also presented, which includes the offers and services that our collaborating companies make available to the sector. The event concluded with a conference on “Total flexibility for strategy, business and people, given by Luis Parra, CEO of Strategyco, a consulting firm specialized in the direction and strategic management of business. After the conference, there was an interesting discussion among attendees about different strategies to transform their organizations. Aerospace Entrepreneur Recognition Award 2020 This year Andalucía Aerospace granted its annual recognition to the CEO of Titania, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Chacón, who received the Award from Antonio Gómez-Guillamón, President of the cluster. The Cadiz-based company Titania, after 15 years of activity, has established itself as a leading company in R&D and quality control services for the aerospace industry. Titania has become the number 1 laboratory in this ranking with 122 different techniques approved in a single location. Likewise, its expansion has led it to start a construction plan for a new 3,000 m2 R&D center aimed at developing projects in fields such as digital transformation, the application of aeronautical materials to other industrial sectors, advanced mechanical tests, renewable energies for the generation of zero waste (carbon footprint). The company already has a presence in the United Kingdom with a commercial office and, in turn, has a significant capacity to diversify into other industrial sectors such as naval and metallurgical. Andalusia Aerospace thanked all the companies that make up the cluster for their participation in the Assembly and in the activities that are carried out day by day. Once again, it is clear that, despite any circumstance, it continues to bet on the Andalusian aerospace sector, now with a view to overcoming the crisis through diversification, internationalization and innovation.

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