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PRESTIGIOUS is an European Projet funded by COSME and launched in Septembre 2020.

Led by 4 European cluster : ANDALUCIA AEROSPACE Cluster EmpresarialCluster Drones Paris RegionNormandie AeroEspace (NAE)Skywin Wallonie, its goal is to strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability of Drones SMEs in Europe.

PRESTIGIOUS will target two market segments : Inspection and Security, looking for each one at both VLOS and BVLOS applications.

The project will focus on four non-European countries (Chile, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea and Canada), selected to meet the needs and service offer of European SMEs.

PRESTIGIOUS will implement four main actions.

  • First, the UAV value chain will be assessed to identify the strengths of European SMEs.
  • Second, the consortium will organise three fact-finding missions to identify stakeholders / potential end-users outside Europe.
  • Third, individual support will be provided to SMEs in Europe and training seminars will be organised to transfer the intelligence gathered.

Finally, the consortium will prepare a joint internationalisation strategy and implementation roadmap to establish an ESCP on UAVs.

Through these actions, PRESTIGIOUS will support at least 100 SMEs working on UAVs in Europe.


  • Normandie Aerospace (NAE)
  • Drones Paris Region (DPR)
  • Andalucia Aerospace