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Gaha Aranda


Gaha Arana

Calle Eufrates, 14 – 41020 (Sevilla)




  • Upholstery, fire blocking layers and rubber webbing for pilot/co-pilot seats. Flight engineer, passengers, observer.
  • Maintenance and repair of VIP seats, leather or fabric.
  • Troop seats (end-to-end manufacturing)


  • Diamond-patterned upholstery and soundproofing bags.
  • Carpets, curtains and ceilings.
  • Maintenance and repair of VIP seats, leather or fabric.


  • BAGS (documentation, life jackets, tools, equipment storage, etc.)
  • STRAPS (cargo lashing, equipment support, accessories, etc.)
  • NETS (cargo restraint nets, safety barriers)


  • COVERS (pitot tube, data sensors, antennas, etc.)
  • SLEEVES (air inlet, air outlet, windshield, etc.)


  • Helicopters (EC-135 complete)
  • Aircraft (C-295 complete)
  • Parts (A380 Wings, A400M Stabiliser)


  • Protection equipment


It specialises in the design, manufacture and assembly of aeronautical and military textile equipment. It was part of AIRBUS SAN PABLO FAL until a few years ago. Its workforce initially serviced the CASA C-207 AZOR over 40 years ago. Since then, they have designed, manufactured and assembled textile equipment on C-212, CN-235 and C-295. We are proud to have participated in their development as partners that have enabled the defence sector to take root and grow.

The engineering division has DOA status with delegated signature authority in several AIRBUS D&S areas. It manages Airbus’ product development thanks to its broad-based expertise and experience, traditional pattern-making skills and engineering excellence in calculus, 3-D models, drawings, and technical documentation..

The production processes are adapted to accommodate small series of customised products. The excellent work of our workforce, who started as apprentices in the fashion and accessories sector, has made this possible. Not only have they outfitted aircraft, they have also created accessories for the CIBELES or NEW YORK fashion shows.


  • ISO 9001
  • EN9100

Activities associated with:

Utilities and mechanical activities