What is Andalucía Aerospace?

Andalucía Aerospace is the association that aims to represent the companies of the aerospace industry in Andalusia. Our members belong exclusively to the private sector.

Our mission is to strengthen the positioning of our firms both in the national and international aerospace market and increase the competitiveness of the Andalusian aeronautical industry.

Benefits of joining Andalucia Aerospace

Some of the services and activities that we develop for our members are:

  • Promotion

    • We broadcast through our channels relevant communications from our members, acting as a speaker for their messages and news.
    • We participate in national and international events, to which we take and disseminate promotional material edited by us and focused on showing the capabilities and services of our members.
  • We promote the creation and strengthening of contacts and relationships of interest for our members (networking)

    • We organize periodic meetings between our member companies, as well as other events of interest to our members and to other stakeholders in the sector, and the business world in general.
  • We represent and defend the interests of the Andalusian aerospace sector.

    • In relationships to regional, national and international organizations and institutions.
  • We support new business acquisition.

    • We send our member relevant information about the sector and about national and international business opportunities.
    • We foster the creation of consortia among our members to compete for R&D projects.
    • We advise on the search for new businesses and markets.
  • We train our companies.

    • We organize and offer training on specific topics of interest to our members.

Who can be a member?

Companies of the aerospace industry that have economic activity in Andalusia and interest in developing the goals of the association, and that be accepted by the members of the Board of Directors.

If you want to be a member of Andalucía Aerospace, get in touch with us by filling the following application form.