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Mercer as a global leader in consulting offers advice and technology solutions that help organizations improve the health, wealth and career of an ever-changing workforce.

Mercer has more than 70 years of history. It has more than 23,000 employees located in 43 countries and works in more than 130 countries. It has been present in Spain for more than 40 years with offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville.

Companies, governments, investors and individuals trust Mercer’s differentiating solutions that focus on people with a clear vision of the future.

Our solutions respond to customer needs with the goal of increasing employee ROI, reducing management costs and risks, and seizing opportunities. All this optimizing performance and supporting international developments.



  • Compensation
    • Design and adaptation of remuneration policies.
    • Job evaluation and description.
    • Market information and analysis of external and internal competitiveness.
    • Identification of critical positions and career plan.
    • Design of variable compensation schemes, long-term incentives, other compensation schemes.
    • Performance evaluation models.
  • Profits
    • Design of employee benefit plans based on best market practices.
    • Implementation of flexible remuneration systems.
    • Implementation of insurance programs for the protection and health of employees.
    • Implementation of savings plans for the entire workforce or a specific group.
    • Design of wellness plans.
  • Tools
    • Computer platform for launching climate studies.
    • Platform for communication of total compensation, benefits and flexible compensation management.
    • Management platform for employee insurance plans.
    • Implementation of systems that promote the digitization and automation of systems and decrease of administrative work for HR.
  • International mobility
    • Design of international mobility policies and practices.
    • Market information on expatriate compensation matters.
    • Tax advice and planning.
    • Labor and social security aspects.
    • Social security.
    • Employee health and protection.
    • Migratory services.
  • Social Security
    • Strategic planning of the workforce.
    • Exit plans, early retirements and restructuring of the workforce.
    • Design and adaptation of retirement plans.
    • Financial education and preparation for employee retirement.
    • Communication plans and accompaniment to the employee in case of leaving the company.
  • Investments
    • Strategic design of the plan, management, administration and investments.
    • Advice and training for control committees.
    • Wealth management.
    • Delegated Solutions.
    • Socially responsible investments.


  • Analysis and design
    • Analysis of needs, staff, existing agreements.
    • Risk identification.
    • Review of the implemented plans: coverage, services, conditions, premiums.
    • Design and adaptation to achieve the most suitable plans.
    • Recommendations based on practice and market trends.
  • Placement
    • Request for offers and preparation of market studies.
    • Comparative analysis of products.
    • Ongoing Treatment Protocol.
    • Design of the best management procedure.
    • Negotiation of a performance management protocol.
    • Negotiation of continuity plans
  • Implementation
    • Review of coverage and services.
    • Review of contractual documents and negotiation of necessary modifications.
    • Supervision so that the implementation process of the new plan is adequate.
    • Preparation of a communication plan for employees.
    • Training for the company’s HR team, if necessary.
  • Administration
    • Access by the company to all the information about its Insurance Program, through a computer platform.
    • Management of the plans with its own IT tools.
    • Monitoring and management of movements (additions, cancellations, modifications) Verification that billing is correct and occurs in a timely manner.
    • Management of incidents.
    • Attention to the insured.
  • Performance management
    • Support in the management of benefits, with its own team, both at a technical and medical level.
    • Monitoring of benefits so that they are carried out in a timely manner.
    • Negotiation of problematic claims.
    • Negotiation of special cases.
    • Authorization management.