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CEU Andalucía


Campus CEU Andalucía de Innovación Tecnológica y Empresarial (CEU-CITEA) – Glorieta Ángel Herrera Oria s/n C.P. 41930 Bormujos (Sevilla)



The CEU San Pablo Andalucía Foundation is the owner and promoter of CEU education centres in Andalusia, the first private educational entity in Spain, with over 80 years of experience.

Its main campus, the CEU Andalucía Campus, is located at Bormujos, in Seville’s metropolitan area. It also has campuses in the cities of Seville and Jerez and training centres in other Andalusian towns.

Currently, CEU Andalucía has more than 4,000 students enrolled in its various training centres:

  • CEU Vocational Training Centre
  • CEU Cardinal Spinola University Campus
  • Graduate Institute of Executive Education
  • Competitive Examination Institute
  • Language Institute
  • CEU Andalusia Vniversitas Senioribus
  • CEU San Pablo Sevilla School

In line with the CEU Andalucía Campus Overall Strategy for Technological and Business Innovation (CEU-CITEA), CEU Andalucía is committed to Andalusia’s economic and social development. It brings its potential and experience in Smart Innovation and multisector Business Development to all educational levels.


CEU Andalucía offers an attractive training programme in various areas of knowledge, including Education, Law, Sports, Business, Health, Safety and Technology.

Its training programme is aimed at all educational levels, from School (Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Education) to University -as a centre attached to the University of Seville-, Advanced Professional Training, Graduate Institute, Competitive Examination Institute, Language Institute, Senior Management Programmes (Executive Education) and Senior Adult Education Centre Vniversitas Senioribus CEU Andalucía, including a varied cultural programme.

It provides overall educational and value formation, increasingly focused on innovation, smart development and entrepreneurship. The curricula taught at CEU-CITEA Campus focus on academic excellence in an innovative and international environment; an education committed to society enables students to meet labour market demands successfully after graduating.