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Mario Jiménez Zayas, Director de Operaciones de Asycom




We live in the digital age, which means that we must have a presence on the Internet if we want the consumer to find us.

In Asycom we guarantee secure and stable technology environments. We specialize in marketing engineering. We are not a strategy consulting ICT to use. We have engineers, designers, editors and advertisers who put at your disposal all the services for the development of a complete online project.

We are Google Partner. We take projects as our own, increasing sales, loyal audiences and improving reputation. We don’t limit ourselves to what’s hired, we prefer close treatment.

The place where engineering and marketing come together

The application of technical protocols developed by engineers specialized in the online marketing market is our main sign of identity in such a competitive market.

It is not a question of creating a conventional corporate communication strategy, but we rely on a series of technical parameters previously studied, analyzed and tested. This results in the achievement of more reliable and perfectly measurable objectives at all stages of the process, thus favouring faster detection of deviations and decision-making.

  • Technical capacity
  • Creativity Flexibility
  • Transparency Innovation
  • Proximity


We work to achieve your goals. Together we will create that brand image that will differentiate you from the competition and that will remain engraved in the mind of your potential customers.

We know how to give you your website. Our SEO campaigns, both national and international, will elevate you to the top positions of search engines.

We will advise you to make the most of SEM campaigns, one of the fastest and most effective methods to convert visits to your website or online shop into purchases.

A good web design is one that captures the attention and, in addition, effectively transmits an idea. We have the best human and technological equipment to give it to you.

If you disseminate quality and interesting content, it will be the public who finds you and not you who seeks it. We develop editorial plans with content as “King of Conversions”.

We professionally manage your community on social media, listening to what is said about you and turning it into business opportunities. 360o coverage in all communication areas.

From online shops to B2B. We use technology to take advantage of all the possibilities of e-commerce and establish direct and controlled communication with your customers.

Communicate from you to you with your customers through email or SMS. Send instant, measurable and interesting information using these leading marketing tools.