Elimco Aerospace has signed a commercial agreement with Compasur, an engineering company specialized in sheet metal packages for the aeronautical sector, with the aim of providing global electromechanical solutions and jumping into international markets for the final customers or Tier 1.

In the words of the CEOs of both companies, Jose Manuel Soria and Jesus Escudero, “this trade agreement will allow us to take advantage of the technical capabilities of each company and to provide services and complementary products, whose demand in the international aerospace sector is growing a lot, and in which, from Spain, we are very competitive”. Also, “thanks to this agreement we will have the opportunity to access contracts of greater volume for both companies and work in parallel with the main Tier1 at European level, in addition to aircraft manufacturers, which would be harder to opt separately”, they added.

On the other hand, the synergy generated between both companies will serve to establish and consolidate themselves in new international markets, especially France, Germany and Italy, strategic objectives of Elimco Aerospace and Compasur.

As result of the intense commercial work carried out by Elimco and Compasur teams, the agreement reached by both companies was signed during the celebration of the Aerospace & Defense Meetings Sevilla (ADM), the most important aerospace industry business event in Spain held last May. This alliance joins the one that Elimco also reached in ADM Sevilla with the consultancy Job Impulse to boost international growth through the selection of highly qualified technical profiles in the countries of interest to the company.