Management Board

Position Holder Representative
PRESIDENT AERTEC Solutions Antonio Gómez Guillamón-Manrique
VICE PRESIDENT Alestis Aerospace María Eugenia Clemente Zarate
TREASURER Torsesa Fernando R. Esquivel Santa-Cruz
SECRETARY Ayesa Air Control Pablo Izquierdo Devesa
VOCAL 1 Airgrup Juan González-Blanch Fernández
VOCAL 2 Airtificial Francisco Javier Moreno Jiménez
VOCAL 3 GSC Francisco Arroyo Garrido
VOCAL 4 Satys Vicente Hoyos Sierra
VOCAL 5 Mecanizados y Montajes Domingo Ureña Raso

Purposes and Activities


  • To contribute to the strengthening of the cluster and the positioning of its member companies in the national and international aerospace market.

  • To promote a sustainable scientific and technological development of the Andalusian aerospace industrial fabric, promoting to the Administration industrialization plans that contribute to the competitiveness of the associated companies.

  • To actively contribute to the training and education of professionals in the sector, including the promotion of expert training at all levels of the company.

  • To promote business excellence through the synergies of the member companies, as well as the execution of high added value activities.

  • To promote and facilitate the interrelation between the associated companies, combining their interests and defending them to the regional public institutions and organizations.

  • To act as an institutional representation in public bodies and organizations of any territorial scope, even national and international.


  • To establish frameworks of collaboration and agreements with public and private institutions of the sector for the best achievement of the aims of the Association, and the best representation and management of the common interests of its members.

  • To encourage meetings and partnership with professionals, associations or other organizations in the sector, as well as the increase, maintenance and promotion of contacts and collaborations with national and international entities of similar nature and purpose.

  • To organize and promote the celebration of conferences, meetings or congresses, to improve collaboration on matters of interest to the sector.

  • To conduct or commission studies of the sector to analyze its evolution, trends and detection of new opportunities; as well as for the analysis of “best practices” from other sectors that could be applied and strengthen the aerospace sector.

  • To promote the creation of commissions or specialized working groups devoted to the study of issues of common interest to members.

  • The administration and disposition of the own resources, budgetary or patrimonial, and their application to the aims and activities of the Association.

  • The exercise of economic activities, including the provision of services, always allocating the benefits obtained from them, exclusively, to the fulfillment and development of the Association’s purposes.

  • To act as the sole interlocutor of the common interests of the companies of the Andalusian aerospace sector to the regional organization that adds the different agents involved in it.

  • To develop other complementary functions considered necessary or convenient for the fulfillment of the purposes, directly or indirectly through the ownership of shares or participations in companies, associations or foundations of similar or identical purposes.


Juan Román
Juan RománManaging Director
Leticia Chaichio
Leticia ChaichioFinance & Administration
Melanie Durth
Melanie DurthBusiness Development Manager


Statutes of the Association of Companies of the Aerospace Sector in Andalucía Hélice (Andalucía Aerospace).

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